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summer to-do list

Jun. 24th, 2009 | 10:44 pm
music: A Rocket to the Moon - Mistakes I haevn't Made

If, for some reason like you have no real life besides LJ, then you can read what i want to accomplish for summer.  It's not interesting.  In fact you can probably find much much more interesting things that will benefit your life in someway on TV.  And everyone tells us TV is bad.  Awwhh my cat just had a spasm right now, how adorable :3

[ ] Go out of the state
[x] Go to the beach
[x] Go to concerts
[ ] Go to a disco <- not even kidding.  go ahead and judge me whatever idrc >:|
[ ] Meet some sexy men ;D
[ ] Clean. My. Room.
[ ] Get a tan but not like a tan tan.  Just enough to hide my white-Asian skin
[ ] Make 5098498149 billion friendship bracelets (or just a lot)
[ ] Lose weight <- everyone's dream in life.  unless you're skinny.  then your dream should be to become fat!
[ ] Learn how to properly apply liquid eyeliner
[ ] Finish wallpapering my wall

I dunno I'll think of more later.  I made this list because I thought of a good one but I can't even remember it so that sucks.

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May. 31st, 2009 | 06:32 pm
location: location, location
music: No one by Alicia Keys

According to the front page of LiveJournal... I haven't updated in 44 days :D

And so... I update!  More or less... It's just that I've been very busy *excuses* but I only have two more days of school and two finals left!  Woo~! [:  (Note: this does not mean I am going to update more often.  This actually will probably mean my number of updates will stay exactly the same).

HOWEVER!!12`!@!@  I think I've changed within the last... 44 days... o.o or something... My Asian-failure C's on my grades have gone up to C+'s!  *proud moment*  I dunno I really have nothing interesting to say ._. I just posted so everyone (whichever like... 2 persons read this) would know I was alive :D



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progression on nothing

Jul. 21st, 2008 | 12:39 am
location: eating your cookies
mood: nerdy
music: my snoring cat

Wow, in the past week I've been aiming to complete (or at least start) several things.  So far, I haven't finished any of them (but, on a happy note, I started all of them!).

90% -- Figuring out GaiaOnline
Yeah, I got like four 1,000 Gaia Gold coupons from the Anime Expo so I made an account.  I actually was a little bit confused originally, but I made a friend about half an hour after I made the account! :3  He was very nice and helped me out with some things.  It's too bad he had to go because I still need some help.   Here is my Gaia profile, by the way, if you want to add it.

80% -- Coloring a Hikaru and Kaoru manga scan
80% seems like a lot.  But it doesn't seem like that much when it was at 80% last week.  ._.  I'm just too lazy to finish it I guess.

50% -- Posting an icon post
For real, I got the coding down and everything.  I just need icons to post xD.  And with laziness dragging me down, I've made three.  I'm not even completely satisfied with them either o.o  But then again, I never am.

10% -- Learning to play Caramelldansen on the piano
I got the sheet music already and I've tried it out.  It's not getting very far, but it's going at least.  So I'm happy ^o^

-50% -- CLEANING MY ROOM!!!!111!11!one!!2!@121!
Yes, that is a negative sign in front of the 50%.  You see, I started out fine, but once I emptied my drawers and closet to clean those, everything became worse than it started actually.

Oh, and as I typed all this out, I realized I had something I did want to start but never did.

0% -- Getting my ________ cosplay
But, of course, I'm not going to spoil who I want to cosplay as :3  My friend might be cosplaying with me as my pair.

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Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay's potato chip.

Jul. 13th, 2008 | 02:23 pm
mood: artistic
music: We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands - The Academy Is...

Darn, it really stinks that I can't upload anything onto Photobucket.  It always says "Upload with an error:" and never bothers to put what the error is.  I've tried making a new account, too.  If anyone knows how to help, that's much needed and appreciated :3  But, on a different note, I colored two manga scans.  One of Lavi and Allen from D. Gray Man, and the other is Zelos from Tales of Symphonia.  So, I figured I should show them off.  Too bad I had to upload them with TinyPic.

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I wonder if it's unusual to post twice in one day...

Jul. 7th, 2008 | 05:06 pm

I know I posted a little more than 12 hours ago.  But this LJ thing is fun.

Apparently, I'm 65% Otaku Pure (35% Otaku Corrupt).  I'm a little bit more corrupt than average, but I saw that coming x3 You can take the quiz here.

Food for Thought // "Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn’t stop for anybody." -The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I really wonder about friendships.  There is a girl, who considers herself to be my best friend, but she's really not.  We're constantly bickering at each other, and the whole friendship doesn't even seem like it exists anymore.  Then there's a girl who I used to be best friends with, and all of the sudden we stopped talking completely.  Just yesterday, she IMed me, and after sorting through problems we're best friends again.  Immediately afterward, she asked me to help her with a personal problem.  There was another friend, who she got mad at, and she apologized to the other friend, but they didn't accept her apology.  I simply told her that if someone, who at one point was one of your close friends, can't even accept your apology, then they aren't even worth being friends with anymore.  She said I was smart and understood these things.  Today, one of my guy-friends came to me with basically the same problem.  He also said I was right.  I don't know, maybe I'm just too deep? o.o  Sometimes, I think that's the bad way of going down friendship, but I guess it varies.

Incidentally, I'll be going to the Sac-Anime convention in August.  I really do think I'm more Otaku Corrupt than the quiz said :P

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