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progression on nothing

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Jul. 21st, 2008 | 12:39 am
location: eating your cookies
mood: nerdy
music: my snoring cat

Wow, in the past week I've been aiming to complete (or at least start) several things.  So far, I haven't finished any of them (but, on a happy note, I started all of them!).

90% -- Figuring out GaiaOnline
Yeah, I got like four 1,000 Gaia Gold coupons from the Anime Expo so I made an account.  I actually was a little bit confused originally, but I made a friend about half an hour after I made the account! :3  He was very nice and helped me out with some things.  It's too bad he had to go because I still need some help.   Here is my Gaia profile, by the way, if you want to add it.

80% -- Coloring a Hikaru and Kaoru manga scan
80% seems like a lot.  But it doesn't seem like that much when it was at 80% last week.  ._.  I'm just too lazy to finish it I guess.

50% -- Posting an icon post
For real, I got the coding down and everything.  I just need icons to post xD.  And with laziness dragging me down, I've made three.  I'm not even completely satisfied with them either o.o  But then again, I never am.

10% -- Learning to play Caramelldansen on the piano
I got the sheet music already and I've tried it out.  It's not getting very far, but it's going at least.  So I'm happy ^o^

-50% -- CLEANING MY ROOM!!!!111!11!one!!2!@121!
Yes, that is a negative sign in front of the 50%.  You see, I started out fine, but once I emptied my drawers and closet to clean those, everything became worse than it started actually.

what it looks like if you stand in the doorway (there's actually a lot more to the right and left).

some junk...

my desk :3  along with more junk and some of my manga.

Oh, and as I typed all this out, I realized I had something I did want to start but never did.

0% -- Getting my ________ cosplay
But, of course, I'm not going to spoil who I want to cosplay as :3  My friend might be cosplaying with me as my pair.

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