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May. 31st, 2009 | 06:32 pm
location: location, location
music: No one by Alicia Keys

According to the front page of LiveJournal... I haven't updated in 44 days :D

And so... I update!  More or less... It's just that I've been very busy *excuses* but I only have two more days of school and two finals left!  Woo~! [:  (Note: this does not mean I am going to update more often.  This actually will probably mean my number of updates will stay exactly the same).

HOWEVER!!12`!@!@  I think I've changed within the last... 44 days... o.o or something... My Asian-failure C's on my grades have gone up to C+'s!  *proud moment*  I dunno I really have nothing interesting to say ._. I just posted so everyone (whichever like... 2 persons read this) would know I was alive :D



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