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Hullo Live Jernull.

Jul. 7th, 2008 | 04:28 am
location: On a bucket
mood: exhaustedexhausted

Woah!  First LJ post... ever!  In fact, this is my first LJ :3  I heard blogging is a good way to let out thoughts to no one in particular, but everyone at the same time.  So thus bore aye_oh_kaye.  The special meaning behind my username?  There isn't one :D  I like to play games with your brain.

Yesterday, I got back from LA, where I attended the Anime Expo 2008.  My dad and my brother went with me.  They both thought a lot of things were hilarious.  But it was pretty awesome overall.  I bought two shirts, four buttons, a picture of Ike, a picture of Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, and a hat!  (:  And I watched Shokotan's first live performance in America!  She was so cute when she was trying to speak English xD  I saved the tickets in case I wanted to gloat.  Oh, and, McDonalds, in that part of downtown LA, is nearly impossible to find.  But my dad and I walked to Little Tokyo on July 4th so we found one >D  And then the next day my dad went out to get me that for dinner.  He told me, when he got back to the hotel room, that he was stopped by two different groups of cosplayers, who started freaking out when they saw him holding the McDonald's bag.  His impersonation was so funny x33.  I think it's pretty insane how much money people can spend on one convention o.o

But, lots of the cosplayers were very nice.  I couldn't get as many pictures as I did when I went to Fanime, but I got a few.  I was extremely lucky to get a picture of a good Naruto cosplayer that I found at the hotel while I was waiting to get checked out  :D  I think he was my favorite out of all the Naruto's I saw.  It was probably the contacts.  I wish I got pictures of the SSB Brawl group, but the crowd was too large for a small girl to get through D:

Incidentally, I think I need a new camera.  The flash ruined a lot of my pictures T_T

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