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bizarre gone wrong.

You say hello, and I say goodbye...
Chuck Norris can count to infinity. Twice.

INTRO I really can't use just one word to describe me. Trust me, I looked. I'm not going to say I'm me either, because I prefer to be more intriguing. I guess I'm the type of girl who can listen to a Chuck Norris joke, and laugh just as hard even if that's the tenth time I heard it. I'm the kind of person who absolutely cannot read a book assigned to me, because I feel as if it confines my freedom to do something. I'm the kind of person who knows love at first sight exists, and believed in magic as a kid. I'm that person, who sometimes imagines that people from different animes and manga series are real. Maybe you do, too.

ME I know, you were expecting. "Hello, my name is [insert a name], and I am [insert an age or gender or race or whatever]." And, I know that you learn nearly nothing about the general me with that intro, which is why it's an introduction. To introduce me. Wait. That's not quite right. "Hello, my name is Sherry, and I am probably younger than you, female, and Asian." I really think that's all you need to know at this point. If you want to fill in any more blanks, asking me questions is a great way to get to know me.

OTHER This is something I won with my other site, but I temporarily-permanently closed it, so I decided to put the award here because I liked it so much.

I'm sorry, I don't use my LJ very much ):